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Total creative solution.

As an experienced interior builder, VCS INTERIOR SDN BHD fully understands that interior building is more than just about the visual enhancement and construction of an interior space. It seeks to optimize and harmonize the uses to which the built environment will be put.

We take into account many factors in formulating the interior building solution. We look into aspects like the space itself (its dimensions and construction), the space’s functions (for work or leisure, entertainment or worship, etc) and the space’s identity (be it power, authority, serenity, wisdom, etc). There are practical considerations like ease of access, amount of light, health and safety and more.

We also pay special attention to the many interior building elements that range from the visual (color, lighting, form) to tactile (surface, shape, texture) to the auditory (noise, echo). Careful consideration is also placed on types and characteristics of furnishings, accessories and ornaments to be used in creating interiors. Last but not least, we ensure ultimate perfection on the entire construction and finishing work of the interior.

In short, we offer to our customers the total creative solution in interior building.

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